Telling the stories our food from field to fork

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@HowGrow, everyone should be watching your films. Such a great idea & beautifully done.
— @DanSaladinoUK, producer of BBC’s The Food Programme
If you don’t already follow @HowGrow, do so. A PHL based nonprofit doing great things for food education and literacy
— @EliKulp, 2014 "Food and Wine" Best New Chef
I love the @HowGrow videos. They should be required watching.
— @glutenfreegirl, James Beard Award-winning cookbook author Shauna James Ahern

I have been so inspired by your message. As a chef and PTA President, I have been searching for platforms like yours to expose our young kiddos to well rounded food choices and culinary education in general.
- Chef Nikki Elkjer
I homeschool my 7 year old and he loves the videos. He likes you - very articulate and engaging. We can't wait until you have more. The history tidbid is fantastic as well before you ask, "How does it grow?". The video for him is just long enough, just enough information to keep him interested and attentive. Thank you. Awesome job.
- Marcy Staymates Mitchell, home-schooling mom

@HowGrow, thanks for making those awesome vids. My students LOVE them!!
— @Mr_Braden, 5th grade teacher
Five minutes sounds like a lot of time to devote to cranberries, but we promise this video is worth every second of your time because it... is... beautiful.
— The Huffington Post
THIS is the way agriculture should be explained!
— @Vermigrand

Well done. Beautiful video work. Clear message. I'm a FoodCorps service member with a background in science communication and international ag. Your mission is exactly what I am trying to accomplish in the classrooms I work in. The basic agricultural and botanical "how it grows" knowledge is often (strangely) overlooked when food systems are taught. While explaining the environmental and social justice sides, we sometimes forget that to really empathize with the Nicaraguan banana grower or the Dominican coffee picker and appreciate these foods, we must first be able to imagine picking those little red coffee cherries, one by one, branch by branch, or what it's like to walk through those close-packed banana trees, machete in hand, bunches swaying above... I am very much looking forward to more of these videos; I plan on using them myself and recommending them to FoodCorps as a resource.
- Andrea Snow, FoodCorps Fellow

@HowGrow Thank you for bringing stories of how agriculture works to life. Everyone should know how food is made and you’re a great resource.
— @orchidhunter, plant biologist
I can’t thank you enough for what you are doing! We homeschool, and our boys started with the cranberry video today and couldn’t stop there! We watched every video you have made. Please make more!
— Marianna Holloman, Atlanta GA
@HowGrow loved the episode! Wonderful job. Can’t wait to cook with garlic tonight now that I know how it grows!
— @SamanthaLBader

I think what you are doing is extraordinary and obviously much needed. I've come to realize that education is a fundamental component to a shift towards sustainable agriculture, and I think video is the most powerful tool we have right now to reach the public...

The ideas you dropped in the cauliflower episode were really important (e.g. biocontrol like flower strips to attract ladybugs, as opposed to using pesticides). Such techniques are by far in the minority (and don't have to be limited to organic production!), but they could seriously change how agriculture is done across the country; it starts by acquainting people with these ideas, which I see is what you are trying to do.

- Jenna Smith, American Masters student in Agroecology, based in France

Ah @HowGrow how I continue to love you. Can’t wait for the next episode!
— @dvogaut
Youtube is filled with dumb videos. However, your channel is badass. It is a beacon of hope in otherwise a ‘dark’ dumb space on the interwebs.
— YouTube commenter
Watch your food come to life in the stunning new videos from non-profit @HowGrow
— @WellandGoodNYC

I am a dietitian and Wellness Educator at a private all-girls school. I love the "How Does it Grow" platform. Your supplementary curriculum is in line with my views and goals for our program. My students have loved the video on Mushroom and we look forward to viewing future episodes. If HDIG is ever looking for classroom collaboration our school community is open arms! Look forward to all of your future success!
- Abby Hueber

Love your videos, love your purpose. I will be donating to your cause and hope to collaborate with you all soon. Until then, keep up the good work!
— Tim Laugherty
I saw your videos on garlic and mushrooms:
How can I support your project?? I am a retired teacher and I am not wealthy, but I find this to be a PHENOMENAL project.
— Al Traunsteiner
Hey @EduOutside @FoodCorps @FarmtoSchool Are these stellar new #food videos on your radar? Perfect 4 classrooms: @HowGrow
— @Lena_Brook

This project has also reminded me, even though I am a farmer and work in the heart of fields with vegetables and have many friends who farm fruits, there is still a lot that I have to learn about many other types of food and how they grow.

Four generations ago, most everyone knew a farmer or had at least a second or third degree connection with a farmer. The disconnect of most people and their food today is crazy large, right from knowing how to make a simple meal, where it comes from and how it grows. I believe your project and getting into the school systems would help with this disconnect. The more people get connected to their food, the more respect they will have for it. This is why I believe as a farmer, I also have a responsibility to help educate and reconnect people to their food.”
- Jason Verkaik

@HowGrow Yesterday at our school garden, 3 people pointed to the pumpkins and asked, “What are those?” They need to follow you.
— @KarlKrist
Ever passed up a #veggie b/c it didn’t look right? stop being a snob & learn #HowDoesThatHappen via @HowGrow
— @AndeanAlliance
@HowGrow I love this video! Kids think cauliflower is super cool when they find out how it grows
— @JoyFoodly, Chef Hollie Greene